How Watermelon Improves your Health

How Watermelon Improves your Health

Watermelon is a refreshing fruit, good for body healing. It is juicy and contains vitamins and other important vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. It also contains a lot of amino acids.

Watermelon’s soak is tasteful and it pleasant when eaten. It is grown all around the world, especially in places with a cold and wet climate. Due to its high nutrient level, watermelon is common in most parts of the world. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, its total fat, cholesterol, and sodium are limited to 0%.

Many doctors recommend watermelon by because of its Lycopene, which is a carotenoid that lowers the chances of getting prostate cancer. Lycopene is essential for the general body fitness and can be found naturally in vegetables and other types of fruits such as tomatoes and guavas.

There are almost 300 varieties of watermelon grown all over the world. The National Water Melon promotion board is an organization that gives information about watermelon, where it comes from and when to pick it when ripe. The following are some of the benefits of watermelon to the body.

How Watermelon Improves your Health

Benefits of Watermelon to the Body

  • Body Hydration

Due to its high liquid content, watermelon enables the body to stay hydrated.  Its juicy content regulates the body temperature and greases up the joints. The helps in preventing common problems.  It also transports supplements to give you vitality and keep the body in good condition.

  • Heart Condition and Hypertension

Lycopene in the watermelon helps the cell to grow, hence protecting them from any damage. This reduces the risk of getting heart-related diseases and infections.

Watermelon also prevents high blood pressure. This is according to a study done in April 2014; that watermelon reduces hypertension hence minimizing chances of acquiring high blood pressure.

Middle-aged people have high oxygen demand, especially the overweight individuals. They, therefore, require watermelon to keep them from getting high blood pressure.

The amino acid found in the watermelon contains L-citrulline and L-arginine that helps in the reduction of hypertension. This reduces the risks of stroke and heart attack.

  • Boosts Immune system

Vitamins and other essential supplements found in watermelon are beneficial to the health and the immune system. They make the immune system strong and healthy, ready to fight infections such as eye diseases, skin infections, hair creasing and cardiovascular diseases. Makes the immune system healthy for the body.

  • Reduced inflammation of the body

The response of body tissues to injury or irritation is reduced by the lycopene contained in watermelon. Choline inflammation is also reduced also since watermelon contains the right amount of choline. People with inflammation of joints, Arthritis, take watermelon to increase immunity and overall body well-being. Eating this fruit often increases the anti-inflammatory properties of the body hence leading to good health.

  • Water Melon Prevents Cancer

The anti-oxidant properties of watermelon help to reduce the cancerous risk infections. Research by National Cancer Institute has reported that lycopene reduces prostate cancer. By eating a reasonable amount of watermelon, the body acquires lycopene, which protects the body against cancerous cells.

  • Sore Muscle

Before and after working out, you should eat or drink blended watermelon. It decreases following day muscle soreness and heart rate. The amino acids, citrulline, and arginine found in watermelon helps in improving blood circulation and muscle regulation.

How to know a ready watermelon

Cutting into a watermelon and discovering it needs flavor is crucial. There are several ways you can use to choose an available watermelon from your supplier’s businesses or your melon patch.

Search for a pale, vibrant yellow spot (not white or green) on the base. This is the place where the watermelon sits on the ground, getting ready to ripe.

It is also one of the best markers of readiness you can use.  Watermelon suppliers and harvesters utilize this as their gauge. Some other fundamentals for picking a ready Watermelon are as follows:

  • Should be substantial for its size. The size should be standardized, The largest is, of course, the most available but still need to consider other factors,
  • Smooth skin with a flat top (the top is the side inverse the ground spot)
  • Smoothly humping the watermelon should produce a hollow sound. This is a dubious way to test for the readiness of the watermelon.

How to store a cut watermelon

Store your watermelon in a cold environment before it is cut to be eaten. Cut watermelon ought to be refrigerated. Watermelon should be kept at 50 to 60 °, with relatively high humidity. This will hold it in good condition for up to 3 weeks.

If dry storage temperatures are above 75 °F, the watermelon will decline to 5 days. At temperatures between 32 and 45 °F, watermelons are subject to chilling injury that may result in markings on the surface, reduced flavor, and its skin color loss.

Avoid storing watermelon together with other fruits. It may become soft and have soggy mass when stored in conjunction with some fruits such as apples and grapes. This is because of the nature of these fruits; they produce ethylene gas.

Wash the surface of this fruit, under cool running water. Scrub melons with a soft brush before cutting to serve. Cut away any bruised or damaged areas before serving. These bruises may have bacteria that may have harmful effects on the health.


In conclusion, eating watermelon on a daily basis leads to better health. Watermelon advances the immune system, cardiovascular health, and other essential body functions among many other benefits.

It is much healthier to eat watermelon when you feel your body is dehydrated rather than just taking water. This will offer you the hydration that you seek along many other health benefits, some of them which you won’t even realize.

This is a good soaked refreshing fruit with essential vitamins, amino acids, and lycopene. Eat watermelon every day for a healthy life.