Tips to setup an Under Counter Water Filter System

Tips to setup an Under Counter Water Filter System

This specific guideline is dependent on the setup of the Pozzani IX250 Water filtration system, and still the basic setup technique ought to be applied for almost all below-counter water filtration systems.

Tips to setup an Under Counter Water Filter System

Tips to setup an Under Counter Water Filter System

28 Basic Steps to setup an Under Counter Water Filter System:


Take a look below your kitchen sink and also determine the chilled water pipe serving the cold tap. In case, you have a monoblock type tap with soft tubes wherever it is hard to figure out that pipe is the cold primary, operate the exact hot tap for a few minutes, and also you ought to obviously have the ability to observe just which is the warm pipe and also just which is the cold through holding the particular copper pipes.


Make sure the area of copper pipe would work for setup of the saddle valves unit. What this means is examining this is clean, entirely free of corrosion or even any kind of things that block the path.


Eliminate the particular saddle valves through the product packaging – it is the unit that appears like the little clamp, with tubing linked to it.


Determine the size of the pipework – just for the UK, setup this can be 22mm or 15mm.


Arrange the little mounting block through the clamp on the exact pipe – the particular side you utilize is going to be based on the size of the pipe.


Suit the exact clamp just over the mounting block and even pipe, and also tighten the nut in the bottom part (just turn anti-clockwise).


Get the bucket or even comparable container, and even set the particular red end of the pipe into it.


Only turn the T-Bar handle on the top of the exact clamp clockwise completely straight down – this can pierce the particular copper pipe.


Eliminate the filter housing, screws and also housing bracket through the product packaging.


Screw the particular bracket to an appropriate component of the kitchen cabinet, and you can require examining the sizes of the housing just to make sure it will certainly build.


Open up the filter cartridge provided with the particular system.


Then unscrew the filter cartridge housing.


Setup the cartridge into the housing – the cartridges are the often flat seal or even threaded – the flat seal cartridges just stay in the housing and also whenever the tightened up from the contacts required. The threaded cartridges will certainly screw in the head of an anti-clockwise path.


Then re-assemble the particular filter housing.


Install the exact filter housing on the exact bracket.


Drill an appropriate hole just in the particular kitchen sink or perhaps worktop only for the water tap/faucet. Just for a typical touch tap. Usually, you can need a 12mm hole.


Place the tap bottom over the hole – this specific neatens up the setup.


Force the tap tubing via the hole (through the top side of the exact hole), and also install the tap just into their ideal position.


Suit the tap cleaner just over the tubing under the sink, and also, press up to the exact sink base/worktop.



Suit the tap nut just above the tubing and also turn anti-clockwise. Then tighten up completely, therefore, the tap over the worktop no more moves.


Link the red tube that you have in the same bucket just to the inner side of filter housing – all these are easy press suit fittings. Get in line the tube with the red collect and also press it into place.


Link the blue tube through the tap just to the outer side of filter housing – all these are easy press suit fittings. Get in line of the tube with the blue line and also, press it in place.


Very carefully switch the T-Bar on specific saddle valves anti-clockwise – this particular enables water to stream via the red tube, and also to the filter housing, and also on to the same tap.


Examine for leakages – in case, leakages are located then notice the tips section.


Just wait for two minutes.


Switch on the water tap, and also permit the water to stream for 2 minutes. It is too flush/prime the brand new cartridge.


Adapt the saddle valves just to make sure the best circulation to 1.5 liters (0.4 US gal) for each minute – change clockwise to decrease the circulation, and also anti-clockwise to improve the circulation.


Setup is finished; go on to examine the plumbing connections routinely for a subsequent couple of days.

Safety measures

  1. You should not over tighten up the clamping nut just on the particular saddle valves – it might destroy the copper pipe.
  1. You should not try to eliminate the saddle valves as soon as the installation continues to be built – it will indeed reveal the hole in the exact pipe leading to the extreme leak.

Avoid using a saddle valve merely on plastic pipe work – try to get expert guidance.