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How to Find the Right Essential Oil for Your Mood

Essential oils are known for their relaxing and therapeutic properties. That is why many people rely on essential oils to improve their health or even improve their daily mood. Whenever you feel angry or sad, it is the best time to relax by the proper essential oil that can easily alter your mood. If you feel like a beloved person experiences a bad feeling, then offer them a powerful massage with the use of the proper essential oil. However, in a large market of essential oils, how can you find the right oil for your mood?

However, in a large market of essential oils, how can you find the right oil for your mood?

Tips on How to Find the Right Essential Oil

In this article, we will discover together how to choose best an essential oil, based on your current mood, or the mood you want to achieve. Therefore, before you can purchase any essential oil, you have to first identify these important steps:

  • Identify your current feeling and status. This may take longer than expected since sometimes it is hard to open up and find out exactly what you are feeling. If you want to help another person, then it is best to try to bring to the surface all of his feelings, before engaging in meditation or a therapeutic massage, with the use of a specific essential oil.
  • Find out about the specific essential oils appropriate for this state of mind. Each essential oil has its specific properties. From floral, spicy or herby oils, each one can truly change the way you currently feel and act. Learn all about them, and choose wisely the most appropriate essential oil for you and your mood.
  • Use it in the proper way to improve your mood and enhance your experience. Not all essential oils are good for every possible task. Depending on your specific need, we will attempt to help you find out the best use of the specific essential oil. Some are great for massages, while others are ideal for a more general house scent. 

Identify Your Emotions

The first step towards a mood improvement is to identify your emotions. This is without a doubt, the hardest step of this procedure. Find out if you are experiencing a daily stress, or a specific experience has made you angry. A general depression is also a mood that can be managed with the right essential oil. Dig deep into your feelings, and find out what is going wrong with your mood. Find the very source of this problem to face it and manage it. If this is about another person, then you need to help him better understand what he is feeling. Anger is a very common feeling that is not hard to identify. However, below anger, there may be some other feelings, worth exploring. Try your best to identify these feelings, to help this person and be able to select the proper essential oil.

Essential Oils Properties

Each essential oil has each specific properties, for every mood alteration. Anger is a strong feeling, and though it usually lasts for a short period, there is no reason for being in this awful mood for long. Use essential oils of chamomile, orange sweet, ylang-ylang, grapefruit, neroli, helichrysum, and geranium. These oils will help you fight the anger, and start relaxing.

Grief and sadness are the most common feelings. Fortunately, you may use some essential oils for overcoming these horrible feelings. Marjoram sweet, violet, bergamot, rose and cypress will do the trick. Pine, juniper berry, and coriander are also ideal for a sad, depressed person.


If you are feeling romantic, and you want to spread this feeling across the room, there are many oils that can help you with that. Jasmine, lavender, rose, neroli, cinnamon, clary sage and ginger are few of the best essential oils for every romantic mood. Enhance your romantic moments with one or a couple of those essential oils, and retain this amazing mood.


Uses of Essential Oils

After you find the proper essential oil for your mood, it is best to also learn about its best use. To get rid of anger, you might want to prepare a nice, warm bath for you or your angry partner. The essential oils will enhance the warm air and vanish any anger or rage you might currently feeling.

To overcome sadness or grief, you will need a constant yet discreet presence of the preferred essential oil. You can use a vaporizer will few drops of oil and warm water, and use it to spray your sheets or your freshly cleaned clothes. This way, the scent will remain close to you longer, to help you overcome your sadness or depression.

For a romantic evening, you want to follow the sensual, romantic sense. No better way to do it by putting a few drops of the essential oil into your hair or neck. A single drop can do the trick and unleash the romantic side of your partner as well. Of course, a massage with essential oils is always on the top of the list, no matter the mood!

Put the Bad Feelings Aside

No matter the feeling, we all had a day [or more than a few] when bad feelings were overwhelming, and we were unable to overcome them. We hope these tips were useful enough, and we can’t wait to find out if you liked them right in the comment section. Share this article with your beloved ones and help them overcome their hard feelings as well. Leave your comment to find out if this article helped you and which essential oil truly worked for you and your mood.

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