Can You Drink Distilled Water? Advantages and Disdvantages of Drinking Distilled Water!

The question that if you can drink distilled water or not seems to be a very simple question. But there are several aspects that you can consider.

Usually, anyone can say that drinking the distilled water is quite safe and, you can drink it. But when the question is concerned about drinking the distilled water, there are various facts that you need to keep in mind.

Various health effects are observed by drinking different types of water. It is quite a simple fact that drinking the unfiltered water is dangerous for health. It is important to learn about the sources of distilled water.

What Are The Sources Of Distilled Water?

The question is not just about the use of distilled water. But it relates to the advantages and the disadvantages of drinking distilled water, the process of making distilled water and the precautions you need to follow while drinking distilled water.

You must keep all these issues in mind before deciding whether to drink distilled water on a regular basis or not. Though it is safe, the regular consumption can create various complications that we will learn from this article. It will help you understand the usage of distilled water, the process of making distilled water and the health-related facts.

The distilled water made from drinking water: You can get this type of distilled water from the steam distillation process. In this process, you need to boil the water to convert it into vapors that are condensed in separate chambers for getting the distilled water. You can use this type of distilled water for consumption.

Distilled water obtained from chemical processes: The water that you get from the different chemical processes is also distilled water, but this is not safe for drinking purposes. This is the byproduct of the reactions that yield water. And thus, you should not consider it safe for drinking.

Can We Drink Distilled Water?

The usual answer to the question is yes that you can use distilled water for drinking. People mainly prefer this for detoxification of the body, and you can consider it to be safe for casual drinking. You can consider it as safe as like the filtered water as it is free from the parasite, chemicals, and hazardous sediments.

The distilled water that you obtain from the steam distillation from the drinking water is suitable for drinking. But you should not consider the other types of distilled water as safe for drinking purpose. The distilled water which you obtain by the process of steam distillation is only useful as drinking water.

It is evident that the medicines are made from the distilled water only. The life-saving saline water or the other solutions are made from the distilled water. This is quite important as distilled water is free from any minerals.

The below are some facts about distilled water that will help you understand the advantages of in taking it:

1.    Toxins Free: The distilled water is non-toxic as you can collect it from the water vapor. It contains no impurities like as the chemicals or other parasites. This makes it safe for drinking.

2.    Free from minerals: The distilled water is completely free of any minerals. That‘s why the pharmaceutical industry makes use of it over healthy drinking water.

3.    Detoxification Agent: This property makes it one of the fastest absorbent of the chemicals and toxins.

Why Should You Not Drink Distilled Water Regularly?

Several studies claim that you should not consume the distilled water on a regular basis. Distilled water has the property to absorb the minerals and the other toxins in a quick time. This is because it is free of any impurities. Therefore, it is useful in detoxification of the body if taken for a few days. But in the longer run distilled water reduces the essential elements of the body as it is free from the minerals. This may also result in the loss of the electrolytes in the body.

The below disadvantages of distilled water suggest that the prolonged use of drinking water is not recommended:

1.    Reduces Essential Elements: The continuous usage of the distilled water for drinking is not good for health. It is acidic and creates disturbances in the physiological system of water retention in the body. The acid state of the body is responsible for many complications like as ion imbalance and the other mental, physiological disorders that occur from ph disturbances.

2.    Creates imbalance of Electrolytes: The Distilled water is free from the trace minerals and the essential elements that are useful in maintaining the electrolyte balance of our body. Continued usage of the distilled water creates a shortage of the electrolytes which results in various complications.     

3.     May cause mineral deficiencies: It is also known as one of the factors for causing the mineral deficiencies in our body if you take it continuously for drinking. The lack of the minerals can lead to several complications that you can relate to various physiological functions. The continuous use of distilled water can mostly affect the absorptions of the water-soluble vitamins.

How Can You Obtain Distilled Water?

It is very simple to make distilled water, and you can get distilled water by going through the below-mentioned steps:

1.    You first need to boil the water; then you have to condense the vapor. You can collect distilled water by this.

2.    You can do this with the help of a simple boiler and a condensation chamber.

3.    The other methods of obtaining the distilled water are related to the process of chemical reactions where water is produced as the by-products.

4.    The first process is known as steam distillation, by which you can prepare distilled water. People get distilled water on a large scale by following the first method.


The consumption of the distilled water for drinking can be both safe and unsafe. You can decide it by the making of the distilled water and the pattern of their usage. This is quite advantageous if you use it for drinking as a detoxification agent for a few days. If you use it for drinking on a regular basis, then it may create considerable damage to your health.

The most important part is that you must use the distilled water that is made from the steam distillation process and made from drinking water. You should not use the other distilled water that is coming from the industrial sources for drinking purposes in any manner.