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At Purifier Advisors, we understand that water is a necessary part of everybody’s lives. We also understand that you have every desire to ensure that you and your family have access to pure and clean cooking and drinking water.

Most homes usually have access to municipal water, which though sometimes treated, can have quite an amount of contaminants e.g. from corroded pipes. Municipal water is also mostly treated with chlorine, whose smell and taste is a put off to many.

Purifier Advisors

Some people prefer buying bottled water to drinking municipal or well water. This, however, proves to be very expensive and not friendly to the environment.

Another solution commonly used at homes is boiling water. After you boil water, you have to wait for it to cool and then maybe wait for it to be oxygenated once again to avoid that poor taste of boiled water.

At Purifier Advisors, we decided to dedicate ourselves to providing knowledge and insight on water filtration and reverse osmosis drinking water systems. These systems are bound to improve the water available in your home for cooking and drinking purposes.

They are also far much cheaper in the long term than buying bottled water. Having such a system will help you convert municipal to purified and healthy drinking water for you and your family.

General Water and Reverse Osmosis System’s Information

We provide you with useful information including tips and tricks about reverse osmosis systems. These include How Reverse Osmosis systems work, how to do maintenance of these systems and even the contaminants removed by these systems.

Product Reviews

In our pages, you will find reviews and suggestions of some of the best water filtration systems as well as the best water filtration product manufacturers. All our reviews are based on thorough research as well as first-hand experience that we have had with most of the products.

We also greatly consider reviews provided by customers who have used these systems before.

This is because we have our readers at heart, and we have a passion for helping them choose the best products out there.  There are many water filtration and reverse osmosis systems as well as manufacturing companies, but some prove to be just a waste of money.

For the products, we look at important features like the technology used in manufacturing the products, the types of filters used, the cost of maintenance and also the warranty offered.

For the manufacturers, we look at factors such as how long they have been in existence, the quality of products they produce, the warranty they offer, the after-sale services provided and even the availability of their products.

We hope that our pages provide you with the relevant information that you are seeking, be it knowledge about water purification, or information on choosing the best water filtration and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

We keep improving our site through continuous addition of useful tricks/ tips/ how to information that will be helpful to you, so you can always come back and check new information.

Thank you for visiting us!